17 Feb

Waxing has been around since Ancient Egyptian times. It was thought that hairless bodies was a sign of beauty and it hasn’t changed since then. Removing unwanted hair from our bodies is still as popular as ever in the beauty industry. This fast and effective process can last up to 4-6 weeks before needing the next waxing session. 

So why is it so popular and we continue to go through the method of removing body hair? 

Waxing is extremely effective at pulling the hair out at the root. Other at home solutions such as shaving or depilatory creams only remove the hair to the surface of the skin. This means the root of the hair is left in the follicle and can begin to grow stronger and thicker in order to put up a defence against the razor. When waxing the hair follicle has to grow a new hair every time, and over waxing appointments the hairs will grow softer and thinner. Which is why over time waxing becomes less painful than your first appointment. 

Different types of wax 

There are 2 different types of wax: warm wax and hot wax. Warm wax is applied directly to the skin with a spatula and removed with a fabric or paper strip in a fast and efficient manner removing the wax and hair along with it. Hot wax is applied directly to the skin and then left to dry. A corner is then lifted up to enable to wax to be removed quickly. Each wax has its strengths. Hot wax is great for more intimate areas and thicker hairs, whilst warm wax is better for finer less coarse hairs. 


With waxing the follicle has to regrow a new hair each time whereas shaving will give you regrowth after a couple of days because the hair is just cut off to the surface of the skin. The more regular you wax the more you will find the best suitable time between appointments for you. 

Is it painful? 

The most painful wax appointment you will ever experience is your first, this is because if you have been shaving or using depilatory creams then your hairs will be a lot stronger and thicker. Once you have your first wax done it gets more pain-free as the hairs grow back finer and softer. 

In growing hairs 

To prevent ingrowing hairs it is important to exfoliate regular whether you wax or shave. If there is a build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin then the hair cannot break through when growing back causing a lump or spot. Exfoliating you skin regularly will prevent this from happening and give you extra smooth skin. 

No more shaving rashes or itching

Shaving causes irritation on the skin from the friction. Every few days it repeats and the irritation builds up. With waxing you will feel a brisk sting and subsequent prickle which should be all you experience until the next appointment. Waxing also gives you a itch free experience when the hairs are growing back. 

Ultimately there is a reason that waxing has been leading the beauty industry for all these years. For me the benefits to having waxing far out way the initial discomfort of trying waxing. With waxing being one of our most popular treatments its clear our clients agree.

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