25 Nov

This time of year can be rather full on and maybe your skin care routine falls off, along with the gym visits and ironing (or that's my excuse anyway). When you skin is at it best not only does it make you look and feel healthier, your make up for all the Christmas parties that you of course have been invited to will look its absolute best. Not to forget that your Christmas day selfies will look less like a mince pie and more like a shining bauble. So taking the time to look after your skin during this time will keep that fresh look right through to next year. But lets make it convenient, we are all short of time with seeing the school plays, the drinks after work and the early morning shopping trips. And if there's anything i like more is a skincare routine that feels more like a joyful splash than a long chore of lotions and potions.

1. invest in a good cleanser that is effective at removing all your epic make up applications. I prefer to use one that fills me with joy to use it, making your skincare routine a mini self care ritual rather than a product that gets pushed to the back of the bathroom cabinet. Oh! and use it, FYI products don't do what they say they are going to do unless you use them, i know it the lack of magic is lacking in skincare but.... you know.

2. Remove your make up. Yes i know! this is the last thing you want to do when you've been out all night, dropped your keys several times getting in to the front door and are on the hunt for the afterparty snack that you forgot to get. But removing your make up gives your skin the chance to repair and breath over night. I love the cheat option of using a Make Up Pad (loads of options online) these clever things remove your face and eye make up with water and leaves your skin feeling clear to apply serums and moisturisers, just before your fall into bed.

3. Exfoliate regularly. This is absolutely key to soft, smooth skin. When skin cells up build up on the surface on the skin it becomes dull and dehydrated (picturing the mince pie look yeah?) Find a scrub that you can use in the shower making this part of your skincare routine effortless whilst you sing to Beyoncé in the shower of course prepping for the next party!

4. Hydrating serum. With the rich foods and cocktails your skin will be the first thing that shows just how many parties you have attended. Keep that secret yours with an hydrating serum to boost the water levels in the surface skin cells, leaving skin look plump and bouncy just like you've been a perfect angel this year!

With these skin care tricks your skin will look rested and ready for that joyful Christmas day even if you're not.

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