09 Dec

Massage can be seen as a luxury and something that isn't a priority. And whilst it could seem there is more important things to invest in this time of year, creating the perfect Christmas, the extra nibbles for the party you're hosting or the extra special snowman that lights up the front garden. And whilst i agree a snowman is pretty spectacular. I cant help but notice over the years of being in the wellbeing industry that stress levels are high this time of year and clients who decide to invest in their self care seem to be the ones that breeze into Christmas like riding a sledge. So here is everything i believe is worth knowing as a client when getting a massage.

1. You cannot give from an empty cup. This has been so true for me at times. If you are depleted and exhausted from all the running around doing your best to put together the most magical Christmas there will be a time when you will hit that brick wall and then it becomes less joyful and more grinch-like. Take that time out to completely relax in the safety of a private treatment room where the world really can wait.

2. Your nervous system will thank you for it. When we are in height of stress for long periods of time it becomes difficult to relax. Ever experienced that feeling of needing a holiday after boxing day just to simply recoup some level of functioning? When you receive any type of massage, the response from your nervous system changes from being in fight, flight or hide mode to slow, soothed and calm. When our nervous system spends more time in the parasympathetic part of the system the more your body repairs, heals and rejuvenates. This includes your immune system operating more efficiently. Is that not a good enough reason?

3. Stress causes conflict. When we are in a state of stress it is difficult for us to think clearly. that flight or flight nervous system response gives us tunnel vision (think about those arguments that happen over the roast potatoes?). Giving yourself some down time means you will be in a better place to handle the dramas that inevitably happen around this time of year.

4. Because your worth it! Sorry for quoting L'Oréal but its true YOU ARE WORTH IT! It is your responsibility to take good care of yourself. Self love is not selfish (oh yes I'm pulling all the quotes out here!). You do not need to justify your reasons to look after yourself. It is important to take rest time as much as you need it and also the people around you will benefit from it too.

Of course there are unlimited benefits from receiving a massage, releasing muscle tension, improving circulation and draining toxins to say the least and these are all amazing but the reasons i give here are potentially why you are needing and in some cases craving some self care at this time of year. So if you are looking for permission to book yourself some time just for you (not that you need permission)...but if you do, this is your it!. You're welcome! xxx

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