27 Jan

Threading is an ancient hair removal method  that effectively removes facial hair and shapes eyebrows. This in demand treatment doesn’t quite get the recognition that it deserves. Firstly it takes some skill to perform an efficient threading treatment and I can say that from all the therapists I have trained over the years and with my personal experience it takes a lot of practice (which our team has) once you get the hang of it, it’s one of the best treatment for removing those unwanted facial hairs and giving you a smooth soft result. 

So what is it? 

Essentially it’s a piece of cotton which has been treated to be antibacterial for its usage. It is shaped around the hands and fingers to create coils which when move across the surface of the skin to catch the hairs and quickly remove them. Apart from cleansing the skin before and applying a soothing lotion after the treatment it has no other product to it. Unlike wax it doesn’t have a warm temperature so you are not adding heat to the skin. We highly recommend it to our clients that have sensitive skin or for whatever reason just find that wax doesn’t suit them.

Is it painful? 

Without making it sound magical I will let you know that as with all hair removal methods you will feel it however it isn’t painful. I usually describe the sensation like a ‘pinging’ feeling. It just feels different as I am sure you would expect. Depending on your pain threshold you may feel it more than others, which we find is exactly the same as waxing and other hair removing systems. 

How long does it last? 

Just like all hair removal this depends on your own natural hair cycle. Usually we would say 4-6 weeks for a hair to complete its cycle of growth, however some clients find they need it in 3 weeks and some more like 8 so again it depends you individually. If you are unsure what your cycle of growth length is, we would recommend booking in your treatment with 4 weeks apart and then your therapist can adjust it with you as they get a better understanding of how your hair grows.

What is a threading cut? 

This is very uncommon but a threading cut is where the piece of thread catches a small amount of skin in the coils. The main reason for this is when the client is not stretching the area quite enough. The client needs to stretch the area for the therapist as their hands are quite literally tied in thread. 

Will I be red? 

We say to our clients that you may have a slight pinkness to the skin, believe it or not the skin doesn’t enjoy losing its hair. However I find this pinkness goes within 30 minutes and is usually a lot less than waxing due to the lack of warmth added when waxing.

Is it for me?

Give it try. Not only is it a very popular hair removal method it is pretty impressive. Your skin will feel soft and smooth with minimal redness and if you have sensitive skin or feel that waxing just isn’t your thing then this is a fantastic alternative.

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