24 Feb

If eyes are the windows to the soul then it makes sense why brows have become such a popular treatment - over the last few years brows have been trending and here’s why. Your eyes and eyebrows are often the first thing someone looks at when introducing yourself. How many times have we as therapists heard ‘I feel like everyone is looking at my overgrown brows!’ 

Brow lamination became a BIG thing last year - a brow treatment designed to correct unruly brows, create a thicker brow and keep your brows ‘on trend’! Using a two- step chemical processing similar to perming we first break down the hair bonds so we can set them into their new place and then build those bonds back up with the second step. Next up is our tinting using your therapist’s expert colour knowledge followed by shaping. We like to use a combination of waxing, threading and tweezering. I believe every client’s brows are unique so I love to give each client the time to consult with what they want me to achieve with their brows. 

At Hush we have the option of two different hair removal processes, either waxing or threading. As all hair and skin types are different it gives the client more choice to decide what is right for them. The wax we use is designed to be great for more sensitive and delicate skin and threading is another great hair removal technique for the super sensitive skin types. Personally I love both methods and within my brows treatments I use a combination of both to create a beautiful shape. 

If you are a brow newbie but want to cover those grey hairs or give more definition, a brow tint is an amazing way to having a colour, without all of the brow makeup that lasts up to a few weeks. We mix the tint based on your colour preferences and the difference is amazing! 

As the salon trainer, I have such a passion when it comes to training our therapists in anything brow related. I love the difference a good brow can make and as therapists we are constantly learning and improving our trade which is why we have a staff brow workshop soon so we can pass on tips and tricks we have learnt over the years as therapists. This means our treatments can be of the highest standard for all of our clients. 

Feel free to ask myself or your therapist about any of our brow treatments when you are next in the salon! 

Blog Contribution; Katie Anderson (Hush Salon Trainer)

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