30 Dec

As a new year comes round yet again this can either be filled with excitement or with dread. We have all been there, set those New year Resolutions that we really commit too on 1st January, but really the 2nd January right?  The first day of the year always gets a free pass mainly because last night’s make up is still making an appearance and being wrapped up in the cosiest blanket burrito is current priority. The second day of the year finally emerges from the Christmas fog and you realise that there is a whole year ahead just waiting for some sort of action from you, feels daunting yes? So you remove said blanket burrito and make a stance to be amazing! To right all your wrongs in life and become the best version of yourself in less than 24 hours. Only to find that you fail at the first hurdle with not stocking up on any food let alone healthy food, you still need to get a gym membership or find you have 2022 debt to overcome before saving any of your well earned money. So you find that you quit before you even begin and it seems to underwhelming to start anything meaningful on the 10th January so you just don’t bother. Sound familiar? This is why I think Intentions may be the answer. Intentions are an approach that we try our best in any given moment, we continuously strive towards the process rather than the end goal and it gives you the chance to regroup with yourself at any given moment. Depending on how you view this time of year I am inviting you to potentially approach 1st January from a different perspective. Here are my tips to help set your 2023 intentions. 

  • List down how you would like the changes to look in an ideal world, what the end goal is and what steps you believe you need to make in order to achieve it. The key thing is the steps! Know that there any many to changing a habit or building a new one so right them down and don’t worry if they seem small and silly a small step is still a step, right?
  • Take one of those steps that seem manageable right now. One you know that you can do consistently without causing too much discomfort and action it. Action it so well it now becomes your new habit. Once you have that one comfortably in the bag, look to make the next step
  • Go at your own pace. This is your life, your intentions and your changes. You do not need to rush and can take each step in your own time. You will know if you are not committing fully to each step, and if you are not know that you can reassess at any point.
  • Be brave to make changes. At any given time you can go back to your steps and change them according to your own experience and what you have learnt so far.
  • Release “others” expectations. Often we start these things with excitement and tell everyone we know about this amazing plan we have for change and whilst I think there is an element for helpfulness here remember it is down to you to hold yourself accountable and no one else. This means be mindful what advice or criticism you take along the way, intentions are about doing your best in any given moment if you are doing your best then you will know it.
  • Know that it’s a journey not a destination. Often we rush to reach the end goal thinking something incredible happens and all our troubles melt away and whilst I wouldn’t want to be the person to say that doesn’t exist remember life in itself is a journey that gives us the chance to change, evolve and grow so enjoy the process for it is all about what you learn along the way.  
  • Celebrate the wins, don’t expect anyone to celebrate with you. This is your journey and sometimes we have to go at it alone. Celebrate the small wins, the days that you feel epic and the ones that were tough that you got through anyway. Be your own biggest cheerleader….because you have got this!
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