13 Jan

Last year we were incredibly excited about launching BIAB onto our treatment menu and we are very pleased we did. Taking the beauty industry by storm this revolutionary nail system is everything we could have dreamed off and more. An infill system that has greater staying power, incredible colours and helps your own natural nails grow long and strong without applying tips. We are huge fans of this system and so are our clients. So? Is it the BIAB for you? As hybrid and gel nail systems have grown in popularity over the years clients have desired different results and longer wear from brands. Here is some more information about whether or not BIAB is the option for you. 

  • It is an infill system. What this means is that when you come back for your fresh set, BIAB can be infilled by removing the colour and then rebalancing the nail ready for a new colour or French effect to be applied. Meaning less removal stress on the nail plate. Even though with other systems we remove the product with as much care as possible often with regular removals the nail can become thinner and dryer on some clients. BIAB removes this stage all together meaning it encourages your own natural nails to stay healthy.
  • It can be removed completing at any time. Because of the reduced amount for full removal when/if you do decide to have a break (although we can’t imagine why you would) your nails will be perfectly happy after removals and with some treatment oil they will just glow after their BIAB experience
  • You can still have all the famous Gel Bottle colours. Once your BIAB is applied creating the perfect foundation on your nail you can choose to keep natural or clear with a glossy top coat or have any of the colours to go over the top. Meaning you can stay on trend.
  • If you struggle to get long strong nails but aren’t a fan for extensions this option is for you. Within 2-4 applications your own natural nails will have the length you’ve always wanted.
  • BIAB is also our longest wearing system, lasting up to 3 weeks and unless you are particular heavy handed or a picker your BIAB should still be looking fresh ready for your next appointment.

For us BIAB has changed the game for our clients, giving them the option to have longer natural nails without the damage.

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