Tranquillity Oil

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PRODUCT An aromatic, silky oil for the bath and for the body. With nourishing amaranth oil and an exclusive blend of essential oils which favour an immediate sensation of well being. SCIENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULAS™, free from silicone's and with 89% natural-origin ingredients. TRANSFORMING TEXTURE from oil into milk SILKY-TOUCH EFFECT ANTI-STRESS BLEND FREE FROM SILICONES for “real active beauty” FREE FROM SLES for delicate cleansing

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For the bath: Pour an adequate amount of oil, according to the intensity of the perfume desired, into a bath or hydrotherapy tub. For the body: Massage directly into the skin as a nourishing oil. Extra suggestion: Add a few drops of oil into the Tranquillity™ body cream or body lotion to intensify the aromachological and nourishing action. 

RECOMMENDED For all skins. In particular, at the end of the day as a body treatment which calms and alleviates stress.


SIZE 200 ml