Calm 'By the Meadow'

Imagine a warm, sunny, glorious summers day. Meadow flowers in bloom, and sunshine as far as the eye can see! A gentle floral scent with essential oils of Jasmine,Vanilla and Bergamot. Uplifting, delicate and sweet.

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Care instructions

Please place your candle on a stable, non-flammable and heat resistant surface.  

Please for safety always light with a long reach lighter or a long match.

Always burn in a well ventilated room.

Always keep candles away from children and pets.

Always extinguish before sleeping. You can pop on lid to extinguish, please leave to cool down.

Always ensure you stop using your candle when there is approx 10mm wax left.

Please store your candle with the lid on, if during warmer days condensation appears. 

Please wipe away with tissue before igniting.

Burn time

Your candle will last for approximately 45 hours providing you follow these steps.

1. Burn for 4 hrs at a time

2. Trim wick after each burn to approx 4-5mm

3. Never burn for just an hour or two, or you will reduce the life of your candle.

4. Always remove any debris from wax before burning.

5. Burning for more than 4 hrs will cause the natural cotton wick

     to 'mushroom' extinguishing at 4hrs will help  to prevent this.

6. When you candles life has ended, and once cool - use a plastic utensil to 

     remove any  residue wax and this can be used again as a wax melt if desired. 

     The wick should pop out, if not soak in 'tap' hot water. Once removed wipe 

      around with kitchen towel.  Glass and lid can be re-used.

100% Natural Soy Wax Blend

Our blend is made from sustainable soy, and vegetable lipids. 

Soy burns more cleanly than paraffin wax and is biodegradable.

It will burn at a lower temperature, allowing the scent to gently warm

 and the aromatherapy oils to release. 

Vegan friendly

Our candles are completely vegan friendly!  Soy wax is 100% plant based.