Anti Stress Body & Mind Kit

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Designed to relieve your body and mind of stress during this difficult time. Run a bath, light some candles and unwind from the world. Anti Stress Body + Mind Kit contains - Pink Himalayan Salt Cushion - easing your aches and pains and destressing the body this salt cushion can be used by either placing a handful of salt into a warm bath or to place the cushion itself into the oven to warm and place on your body to sooth any stressed areas. Tranquillity Home Diffuser - blended with comfort zone's signature blend of essential oils this diffuser will keep your home tranquil and calm Tranquillity Balm - using the same signature blend of essential oils this balm can be rubbed into the body after a bath and before bed to help switch off the mind for a good nights rest.

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Essential Oil Blend

Cedarwood essential oil

Sweet orange essential oil

Rose essential oil

Sandalwood essential oil

Geranium essential oil

Vetiver essential oil

80% of naturally derived ingredients


ANTI-STRESS sensation, alleviates the state of tension and induces relaxation and rest.

ICONIC PERFUME which may be used as an alternative to your personal perfume.

VERSATILE USE in its pure form or added to body creams


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