17 Feb

Meditation is a trendy term this days, and maybe you have been recommended to meditate to help with stress, anxiety and even depression. Here’s a few things that may help with preparing for practicing and how you can really get the best possible benefits from meditation

  • Everyone can meditate.

 Meditation is a state of mind not an activity that has skill. Just like being asleep or being awake, meditation is available to everyone. It may be more difficult for some people than others but the benefits are accessible for everybody where ever you are in life. 

  • Meditation isn’t about having no thoughts.

 When practicing there is a misconception that the mind must be empty in order to meditate, this is impossible for most people. Meditation is about not identify with your thoughts rather than not having them at all. This means if a thought comes up the key is to not be attached to that thought almost as if its separate from your mind. 

  • Meditation is honouring you. 

Meditation has an unlimited amount of benefits for everyone. Rather than just to reduce stress meditation can be powerful in becoming the best version of yourself, and in turn enables you to become the best version for those around you.

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